Lee Bros in Asheville

matt and ted lee promote their new cookbook charleston kitchen in Asheville, NC

the lee brothers in Asheville, NC

Lee Bros in Asheville

"The Lee Brothers" The Lee Brothers came to Asheville, NC Yesterday promoting their new cookbook “the Lee Brothers Charleston Ktichen”

Brad and I had a wonderful experience meeting the Lee Brothers at Tupelo Honey for their book signing yesterday. Like all their cookbooks” charleston kitchen” is a great homage to southern recipes and their heritage. Growing up in Large southern Families ourselves, where your merit  was based on your kitchen skills, there was always a revolving door of family, friends and never a stranger. For us the way to someones heart is through their stomach. This book will make your tummy growl!!

Ted and Lee gentle stroll you through the history of their recipes, the ingrdients that they use and the best way to prepare them. I can not wait to try the shrimp popers and the caramel cake. They certainly captured the loveliness of cooking, paying special attention to family, friends and farmers.

Thank you Lee Brothers for bringing alive our heritage.


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